The interactive browser is designed to stimulate social and communication skills for children with autism.

People CD officially announces the release of its latest version of Zac Browser, a web browser specifically designed for children and teenagers with autism.

Chief executive officer John LeSieur, who has been featured on AP, BBC London, CNN, the New York Times and PC Magazine, explains how it can be difficult to concentrate and navigate through the internet’s myriad of sites and sounds, especially for children on the autism spectrum.

First launched in 2009, Zac Browser was an instant success among families with children on the spectrum, with more than 6 million users worldwide. Its simplified web and control panel allows children with autism to familiarize themselves with the internet and its tools in a protected environment. This includes the removal of large parts of the web in favor of kid-friendly sites aimed at children with autism, as well as popular children’s programs and games, such as PBS Kids, Sesame Street and Disney.

Zac Browser latest version has been redesigned and rebuilt with the most powerful and secure technology available. The cutting-edge design and its new features ensure a positive and personalized experience that stimulate children with autism through entertaining and interactive material. The variety of content ensures that there is something of interest for every child. This includes a wide selection of:

  • Kids videos.
  • Music to sing-along to.
  • Family friendly games.
  • Educational content.

“In a climate where children learn to use the computer from a very young age, it’s important to also provide children with different intellectual and communication abilities the resources they need to navigate the web and to enjoy the modern learning activities available,” says John LeSieur, CEO of People CD.

“Zac Browser latest version, is our most powerful version ever. It;s a safe and reliable browser to let children with autism enjoy the web in their own way while simultaneously developing their social and communication abilities.” adds Mr LeSieur.

Zac Browser works is now available to download for Zac Browser website.