At last, technology that adapts to you.

Chameleon represents a completely new way of driving your Internet experience. Instead of simply following what some company has decided is best for you, Chameleon looks at what you like and need and adapts itself to your requirements.

Chameleon is software that, like its namesake, adapts itself to the environment. Every second, Chameleon sees how is it is being used by the global Internet population and adapts itself to offer users the very best customized and personalized service.

Privacy and safety is a prime concern for Chameleon; uniquely, we don’t rely on any advertising to pay for our services. That means that we can guarantee our users that we will never track their Internet use or save their history to sell them to advertisers so that they can be targeted with annoying and time-consuming advertising. Many companies make a big show of their privacy concerns and then secretly sell information on to advertisers; Chameleon puts its money where its mouth is by guaranteeing that we do not, and never will, sell user information.

Our single aim is to build a better, more efficient and more private online world for every Internet user, allowing users to take back control of their own usage and histories from the big corporations and working towards the original dream of the Internet as a place of knowledge, community and entertainment instead of a cash cow for advertisers.

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