Streamers & Influencers

Content Creators

The internet is dominated by influencers and streamers who publish their content on websites mostly owned by major corporations such as Meta, Google, and Amazon. On the positive side the reach is incredible when a content creator is within the guidelines and algorithm of the big corporations. On the downside, most content creators lack visibility, even within their own network of followers, because the website decides what content is visible and to whom.

Connect with Fans

That’s where People CD is stepping in. We are providing important solutions that helps influencers and streamers to connect with their fans and bring a better interaction to grow their network and increase financial opportunities.

Streamer Studio

Our latest initiative is called Streamer Studio, a platform that can bring important tools to live streamers on all major platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook**. The objective is to provide highly interactive tools that bring more opportunities for revenue and unique ways to grow streamers’ popularity.

Your voice matters

Make sure to visit for more information and also join Discord, where everyone has a voice and matters. The development and decisions are all based on the community because streamers are the center of the focus and not the advertisers.

** People CD is not endorsed by or affiliated with, in whole, or in part by Twitch (Amazon), YouTube (Google), Facebook (Meta), or Discord.