What is Web3?

Web 1.0

Read Only Static

Web 1.0 referred to the first stage of the World Wide Web evolution. There were few static websites and most people just viewed content.

Web 2.0

Read & Write Interactive

Web 2.0 refers to worldwide dynamic websites which highlight user-generated content. Websites on Web 2.0 are mostly designed for social content creation. Sites like social media, forums, chat, and review sites grow rapidly and are good at grabbing our attention. The downside is that the content and popularity are based on large technology corporations’ algorithms and internal rules.

Web 3.0

Read, Write Interactive & Trust

Web 3.0, or more commonly, Web3, refers to the worldwide web based on blockchain technology which incorporates decentralization and token-based economics. This technology provides increased data security, scalability, and privacy for its users. Web3 combats the influence of large technology corporations who have full control over content and visibility.

People CD

What’s Next

People CD has a proven history of innovating and simplifying the Web 2.0 with award winning technologies used by millions of people around the world. We are excited to bring our experience and excellence in technology to Web3. The blockchain technology of Web3 is complex for most users yet it’s filled with wonderful opportunities. People CD’s mission is to simplify the use of Web3, thereby creating highly secured and lucrative opportunities for content creators, live streamers, influencers, and business owners.